I’m Katie Sullivan and I am, among other things, a website designer in Lucketts, Virginia. My work is focused on helping small businesses have an simple, attractive online presence at a reasonable flat fee price. I do a lot of work with therapists. I also help people put their resumes online (more on that below).

Website Creation
For a fee of $250, I take care of the entire process: domain registration, hosting, site creation, and I can also write copy if you need it. Once your site is done, I give you access to the gears and levers and you can make changes as you see fit going forward, or I can do them for an hourly fee.

I use WordPress as a publishing platform. I use WordPress themes as a starting place and I edit them to fit your needs. Using WordPress themes allows me to work efficiently and ensures your sites will look good on phones and other devices. There are thousands of WordPress themes. Some of them are free, some of them have a one-time charge, and some of them have an annual charge. These fees are on top of my fee.

Here are some recent examples of my work:

Counseling Center of Richmond

Break It Down Productions

Tanom Counseling

Here are some different designs of two templates I commonly use, the “Amy Joyce” and the “Finley Bowler.” I have posted boards on Pinterest that show how different the sites can look with image, background and color changes.

Amy Joyce Theme See Variations on Pinterest

Finley Bowler ThemeSee Variations on Pinterest

Resume Online
Also, as part of my services, I create personal, professional websites for people looking for a polished presence online. Here’s an example. These sites are $200 and include a Word version of your resume as well as a template for cover letters. I’ve been known to help write cover letters for a fee – it depends on how busy I am and if I have that cover letter mojo flowing. Feel free to ask.

Are We A Match?

The first step is to think about what you’re looking for and if I’m a good match for your needs.

Design a Website
For a $250 fee, I do these things…

  • Domain registration (I encourage you to register your own domain in case I get hit by a bus. I provide directions. I’m also happy to register it if you’d rather not bother)
  • Design and creation of a website that has up to five separate pages
  • Set up of custom email address(es) based on your domain that you can access through your regular email account
  • Write or edit copy for your site
  • Host your website on my server space at SiteGround
  • Give you administrative access to your sites so you can make changes once a site is created (I can also make changes for an hourly rate)
  • After your website is created, I charge $65 a year for hosting the site and two hours of changes.

Create an Online Professional Presence
For a $200 fee, I do these things

  • Reformat your resume in a fresh, professional style using your favorite color as an accent. This is done using Word.
  • Create a PDF of your resume
  • Create a template for cover letters, also using Word.
  • Create a website that contains your resume, a place to download a PDF of your resume, and recommendations and references if you want.
  • See an example here. I use the same template for all resumes. If you want a new template, that is creating a new website and will take you up to $250.

I do NOT do these things:

  • E-commerce – I don’t set up online stores, track online inventory, or work on already-created e-commerce websites.
  • Marketing. I do not do SEO work.  SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is the art of getting you to show up in Google Searches. For example, if you’re starting a new pizzeria and you want it to show up when people type in “pizza in Loudoun county,” that’s something for a professional marketer to work on.
  • Graphic design. I use Photoshop and can do colorwork, typography and some image work, but if you need a logo designed, for example, I’m not the right person for that. I do know graphic designers I can refer you to.
  • Use ugly fonts. Papyrus, I’m talking to you.

The Work Process

If you want to work with me, or talk about working with me, you can email me at katie@intentiondesigns.com or call me at 571-581-7226. We can go over what you’re looking for, talk about the content of the site and a timeline. You will need to pick a template you like, either one of those above, or a different one you find yourself. If you do a search for WordPress templates you will fall down a rabbit hole of choices, some free, some not. Charges for templates are on top of my fee.

If you decided to proceed, we set an official deadline for a first draft, we do an email agreement/contract and you pay for the site. I require full payment before I begin. The only time I will do a partial payment is if you want to get your resume online and you are unemployed. In that case, I will do half up front and half after your amazing site gets you a job.

I will send you the draft by the deadline we’ve set and then we’ll go back and forth until you’re happy. I don’t do a set number of revisions, I will revise until you like it. Once the site goes live, I will make revisions as needed for the first two weeks. Then the site goes into maintenance mode and you have two hours of changes until the next year (you can pay for more).

Notes on Domain Registration

The first step in creating a website is to pick and register a domain. The domain is the address of your spot on the internet. This is the .com part of a web address.  It’s like a phone number – people use it to find your site. People often talk about “buying a domain,” but you don’t actually buy it, you register it for an annual fee. There are different places where you can do this, and it is something I can do for you, but best practices would have you register your own domain so that if something happens to your web designer, you will retain control of it.

I use Google Domains for domain registration. They charge $12 a year, which is about as good as it gets, and since most people have a Google account, it becomes part of your Google world and it won’t get lost. Google Domains allows you to register domains of all different types. There are hundreds available now. You can get .dog or .gifts or .company. Some are more expensive than others.

It’s easy to go crazy picking a name. There are so many options. One thing to remember is that most people are now finding websites by searching, rather than typing in the actual name. So, you don’t have to have the perfect name. Here are some things to think about:

  • Keep it short. I think my domain name “intentiondesigns.com” is really too long, but it’s two words and it’s easy to say, so I went with it.
  • Avoid using dashes and other punctuation to get around the fact that every single domain name in the world is taken. For example, if catclothes.com is taken, cat-clothes.com is a pretty good alternative. But, cat-clothes-by-jen.com is not. Say the domain out loud because you’ll be doing that and you shouldn’t have to spell it out or “explain” the domain to people.
  • There’s no difference between capitals and lower case letters in web addresses. IntentionDesigns.com is the same as intentiondesigns.com. For printed materials, the capitals can help.
  • Make sure that the words in your domain don’t spell different things when they are together. This can be a serious, non-funny issue, so look your domain name over carefully before choosing. I do a lot of sites for therapists and you really can’t use the word therapist in a domain name because of how it can be read when blended with other words, for example, bobsmiththerapist.com.

Here’s an article from Forbes about picking a domain name.

If you’re coming to this process with a domain in place, that’s fine. You can leave it where it is or transfer it to Google Domains from the front page of the site. The link to transfer is right under the box where you type in a domain to see if it’s available.

That’s it! If you want to talk further, please reach out at katie@intentiondesigns.com or 571-581-7226.