For Therapists

My best friend is a therapist and when I found out that places like Therapy Sites charge $60 a month in perpetuity I decided to provide an alternative. I charge $400 to create and host a site for two years. If you paid $60 a month to host for two years, it would cost $1440. After two years, there’s a $100 a year maintenance fee. That’s it. My fee includes site design, maintenance of your domain, hosting, email creation and support. If you already have any of these things in place, I’m happy to take them over. Or you can maintain your own domain and just point to my server.

Along with site design, I also can help with site content. If you want, I can talk with you on the phone and either write up something for you or, I can do a more formal interview which can be put on your site for clients to read. I can ask any questions you want, or I can come up with the questions myself. You can use as much or as little of it as you want and you approve all the final copy. Content creation is part of the service – there’s no extra charge.

I use WordPress as my publishing platform and I use the Kale Theme (I don’t know why it’s called Kale!). You can see the theme in action at this sample site. The theme can be customized. It can have different pages, images can be used, a blog can be added, and colors and patterns can be changed ad infinitum. I can also add forms, PayPal buttons, and links to your Psychology Today profile.